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GoTranscript Audio Test Answers 10 August 2022

Speaker 1:  This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. If I were you, I'd pay attention to the numbers. Speaker 2: There are two primary reasons to hedge. One is to read reduce your short term cash flow volatility. Another is to maximize return on capital for whatever the investors target level of risk is. Many benefits are achieved if you successfully reduce cashflow volatility, the primary one being that nine times out of 10, the risk of bankruptcy bankruptcy can be reduced, which not only reduces the cost of borrowing but also makes lenders more willing to lend you any money to begin with. Furthermore, more accurate earnings forecasting is possible when hedging a company with more predictable earnings will in general be more valued by investors. If your company uses hedging to withstand short term price movements, its management can then focus their energy more focus more fully on the company's core competencies, doing what they are best at. In 1997, a poll

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers June 20, 2022

Speaker 1:  This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: In response to some questions we've had about how we grade our tests and decide who's accepted as a transcriber. At GoTranscript, I would just like to tell you that you do have an equal chance with every other applicant. We do not discriminate by country, or gender, what we are looking for are people who can listen to the audio, do research on weird terms that are used, such as in a Trojan Initech. And if we asked them to identify which movie those terms were from, it's really important because we have a lot of clients who do things like medical transcription, or legal transcription, and they need to have terms in their audios that may not be just ordinary everyday words. And they want those words to be spelled and notated and formatted correctly . There are brand names of products like vix ZZ quill that you need to properly spell and punctuate and capitalize. Also numbers, it's really i

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers June 12, 2022

Speaker 1:  This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: Today I'm speaking with Mitzi Reyes, well known celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur, to get her thoughts on how she's learned to integrate distinctively visualized backward compatible products into her cosmetics business. Mitzi as a business owner, what's been your biggest takeaway this year? Speaker 3: Hi, Alvin. Great to see you. Again. A big thing I have learned this past year is just to take time to smell the roses. I've been lucky enough to continue to work even in a pandemic. But to spend time with those you love that you always think that'll understand when you don't have time. It's the opposite. You spend time with those that are really in your core. And you tell them every day that you love them. Speaker 2: Okay, what would you say was the best unexpected encounter you ever had? Either an elevator pitch or a bathroom run in. Speaker 3: the best bathroom running?

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers June 05, 2022

Speaker 1:  This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: Today we're going to discuss the rules about when to italicize things such as media titles, foreign expressions, et cetera, according to the GoTranscript guidelines. In the last test, you may have noticed a lot of references to a movie called office space. We do that a lot in these tests, because part of being a good transcriber, and perhaps later, an editor is being able to do research. Accuracy is nice, but proper formatting is what sets us apart from any cheap AI subtitling program. Let's face it, nine out of 10 applicants never bothered to look at the guidelines for any transcription company they're applying to, which IMHO is a big mistake. Anyway, office space is today considered a classic comedy, and it may well have inspired Ricky Gervais to create his equally brilliant BBC sitcom . The office later made into a somewhat less brilliant but still very funny US version starring Steve Car