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GoTranscript MCQ's and Audio Test Answers 19 December 2022

Speaker 1:  This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. Download File For download latest pdf click here Speaker 2: Thank you for scheduling your colonoscopy at GoTranscript world famous gastroenterology clinic where our motto is, you do the prep and we do the schlep. Your procedure is scheduled for this Wednesday the 30th of November at 11 o'clock. Now, three days before your colonoscopy, please head over to the nearest grocery store and stock up on clear liquids like white grape juice, chicken broth and Gatorade. And before one of you wise and Hymas asks no vodka doesn't count as a clear liquid. I mean, okay, yes, it it is a liquid and it is clear. However, nine out of 10 times it drives you out and fogs your brain. And that's all we need around here is some addle pated patient demanding a colonoscopy in a drunken rage. We've got lives of our own, you know, I'm sorry about that little rant, I guess I got a little carried away. Speaker 2: Anyway