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GoTranscript Audio Test Answers 01 September 2020

Speaker 1: This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: The ingenious automatic or throttle pipettes were introduced by right, and can easily be calibrated in any dental lab at GoTranscript. They're exceedingly useful for graduate and small pipettes, measuring small quantities of fluids, preparing dilutions of serum for agglutination reactions and for keeping Morrison Hodge out of trouble. They're usually made from the capillary Pasteur pipettes. Speaker 2: Here's how to manufacture your own five cubic millimeter pipette and calibrate it yourself for fun or profit. It might even be more profitable than being a transcriber at TT, although that's hard to picture. Ain't it? First, pick a pipette with a fairly roomy capillary portions, smooth even walls. Collect the cotton wool plug out of the open end, heat the capillary portion near the free extremity in the bypass flame of the Bunsen burner in your luxurious GoTranscript cubicle. Then draw

GoTranscript Audio Test Answer 30 August 2020

Speaker 1 (00:02): This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. And yes, you do have to type this. Speaker 2 (00:10): Pretty much every country whose soil and climate are congenial to the production of raw materials should be ranked among the first objects of its domestic and political economy. If any of you yutzes doubt the truth of this position, I have only to request him to cast an eye on England where the brewing capital is estimated at more than 15 million pounds, including the hot malt and extract duties. It's out of sight you future GT transcribers. Not withstanding this enormous excise at 50% on the ruined capitol. What immense fortunes have been made and are daily being made in all of the UK, including Ireland, Scotland, and GoTranscript by the intelligent and judicious practice of the useful art of flu and moonshine. Heck, there's even stronger inducements for similar establishments in this country where we have no duty on the raw materials or the ext

GoTranscript Audio Test Answer 29 August 2020

  1) Sounds made by the person speaking are always: a) On the same line and in the present tense b) On the same line and in the past tense c) On the separate line and in the past tense d) On the different line and in the present tense 2) What should you do if you cannot identify who exactly is speaking? a) Use speaker labels but with a question mark before. For example, ?Speaker 1, ?Speaker 2, et cetera. b) Use any speaker labels. An editor will correct it. 3) The correct form of timestamping is: a) [00:00:00:00] b) [00:00:00] c) {00:00:00:00:} d) (00:00:00) 4) When should timestamping (Every 2 minutes) start in the audio segment of 15-20 minutes? a) 00:16:00 b) 00:16:00 c) [00:15:00] d) (00:16:00) e) [00:00:00] f) [00:16:00] 5) I feel ___ terrible. a) really b) absolutely c) very 6) If the quality of audio or video Úles is horrible, what do you have to do? a) If the audio is inaudible, let the support know about this case. GoTranscript will contact the client and provide him with the

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers pdf

Speaker 1: This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. And yes, you do have to type this part, you silly billy. Speaker 2 (00:10): Having thus fully described the manner in which I construct and use my improved firearm and the respective articles of apparatus [inaudible 00:00:21] it has been necessary in so doing to mention that in part, which I do not claim as new, the same being similar to what has been before used in patents that I make or which are common property. I do hereby declare therefore that I limit my claim to the following particulars. By the way, I'm making this audio at the behest of GoTranscript. Speaker 2 (00:44): First, the making of a groove or channel on the arbor for the purpose of conducting off the smoke from the lateral discharge and thus deserving the arbor clean within the receiver and the tube by which the barrel is connected. Second, the particular matter of forming and governing the key by which the barrel is attached to the stoc

GoTranscript Audio Test Answer 26 August 2020

Speaker 1: This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: I've got these five eggs from Russia. One of them depicts the belfry of Peter the Great in Moscow. Frankly, I think Peter had a few bats up there, but the eggs from the convent of [unintelligible 00:00:14] seem to have a Bavarian different idea. The Ukrainian eggs are [unintelligible 00:00:20] pretty good. The quatrefoil-like motif of Mrs. Alina Giancarlo warms the cockles of my heart, as do the four hens' eggs from Moldavia. The red Monaco eggs used in the Greek Orthodox tradition don't do a whole lot for me, although I do appreciate red doors. After all, Dougie was able to find his way home from Rancho Rosa by looking for Jane [unintelligible 00:00:46] red door. Be careful with that dye though. Austrians, as well as some Pennsylvania Dutch, believe that if the dye penetrates the shell and stains the egg white, whoever eats it will be poisoned. Given the generally harmless chemicals u

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers 27 August 2020

Speaker 1: This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: Darn right, I can't be bothered with this nonsense. It's just ridiculous that some of y'all are trying to cheat to get into this fine organization. The unfavorable tendency of leaves to fall from trees, it's no excuse for copying and pasting from one another's exams. Life happens, but it doesn't have to mean that you sell yourself short. Anytime you want to talk with me after class, you feel free to do so. I have an open-door policy, as you know, although please don't exercise that prerogative too often, as I also have an active social life. Mum's the word as you know, especially you Kowalski. By the way, tell your mom, I said, hello, won't you. There were 13 of you present in our first class, an additional seven came to the afterschool activities. It was there that I made your acquaintance and I feel that we've all grown together, not only as human bei
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