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  1. brother i have perfectly followed your instruction for the mcq test on 1 april but "confirm" icon isnt apearing kindly guide me as soon as possible

  2. audio text for data 27/01/2023 is different .is not same. :(
    I used a dictation app...but it's not accurate. can you help me please?

    This audio is used for the transcriber. Test at Go transcript. In the year 1500 ad, 1500 people got the plague, but another 1500 made 1500 bucks selling their services to the palace. Even though the vessel with the pestle was the brew, that was true. A lot of them had six degrees of separation and seven pounds of perspiration, but unfortunately, the vast majority of them.

    Though educated enough to try, failed to look up all those numbers in the Go transcript guidelines and failed the test. The above was obviously an apocryphal story, although not part of the actual apocrypha, aka a, the Book of Revelations found in the new. However, even though Revelations chapter one, verse 12 references seven, gold lampstands, if I then turn around and say that there were actually 12 lampstands in my unauthorized version, you'll be judged on how you formatted both the numbers in this long sentence.

    Those gold lamp stands would be worth a pretty penny today, I M H O, maybe even half a million bucks or thereabouts. No way a transcriber could make that kind of money, honestly, at Go transcript or elsewhere. . However, if said transcriber takes the time to kind of look up all the numbers being used in this test and kind of format 'em correctly, that transcriber might be able to make a pretty good amount of moula, although not gold, lampstand level.

    It's all right if you didn't get some of the words right, although it's not All right. If any of those words were actually mentioned in the guidelines and you got 'em wrong. The whole point here in case you're not getting it, is that it's not all right not to read the guidelines. That's not just for numbers either.

    You should be able to properly italicize media titles such as every cubicle worker's favorite office. Special bonus tip for would be transcribers who are actually paying attention. Go back up to the very top of your transcript and right before the opening words quote in the year 1500 ad quote. Put in parentheses the name of the actor who played Poor Milton in that movie and one other movie or TV show.

    He's appeared in. Good luck. This audio is used for the transcriber. Test at go transcript.


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