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GoTranscript Audio Test Answers October 01, 2021

Speaker 1:  This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: Have you ever had an MRI? That's, that's short for mostly raucous, insane, as in the noises you hear when you're in the doggone thing? No, it's actually short for magnetic resonance imaging, a machine that takes lots of very detailed pictures of whatever your part of your body is under investigation at the moment. And since I had to be in one yesterday, you get to hear the noises today. Isn't it fun how that works? Anyway, the whole point of the test is to see things that you can't see in an X ray or an ultrasound. So, I guess it's a good thing. Also, it doesn't emit the same level of radiation as some of the other tests, which is good if you don't like to glow a bright green like Homer Simpson at the nuclear plants. It's also good for finding teeny tiny little cancer cells, which wasn't always the case. I just read a book from the early 20th century by a doct

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers 27 September 2021

  Speaker 1:  This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: CFOs hold purse strings. And this is where once the CFOs on board, you have teams that take up their vision in the CFO, this is where they may now start working together really effectively. Because first of all, you've got a team saying, look, we need 3 million bucks or something. The CFO might say, if you shape it like this, I can't approve a budget of 3 million bucks or even 25 centavos. But if you really try, maybe we can get at least 1700 shareholders to invest their hard earned casino morongo winnings. This is where the CFO said, Look, if you put the program to me in this way, I won't sign it off. However, if you sell it to me in this way I will. Now we're working collaboratively together. Then the CFO goes up in front of a bunch of analysts and investors, like in the Michael Douglas movie Wall Street. And when they say, Mr. Gekko, you've just signed off a billion smackers on

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers September 21, 2021

Speaker 1:  This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: There are 10 common reasons you might want to consider hedging. One is to reduce your short term cash flow volatility, another is to maximize return on capital for whatever the investor's target level of risk is, a lots of big chunks of benefits are achieved. If, if you successfully reduce cash flow volatility, the biggest one being that the risk of bankruptcy is reduced, which, which not only reduces the cost of borrowing, but to also make lenders more willing to lend you any money to begin with. Furthermore, more accurate in earnings and forecasting is- is possible when hedging a company with more predictable earnings will in general be more or valued by investors. If your company uses hedging to withstand short term price movements. Its management then focus the energy more fully on the company's core competencies, doing what they are best at. Some people don't like the idea of hedging ag

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers September 13, 2021

  Speaker 1:  This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: You know typically in older homes the technology over engineered a bunch of stuff. A hair cough seen some foundations from the 30s and 40s that are put together way better than anything today. Even the combined efforts of Ralph Macchio Williams AB could Martin Cove couldn't make the older receded neighborhoods look any better. Those old engineers massively over engineered the concrete says it's going to last forever. Because some of the other technologies are quite as new. For example, there's this thing called knob and tube wiring on an about you but that sounds vaguely obscene to me. It's not though it's, it's a real thing. The- the problem with it is that even though it's technically not a red flag per se, because that knob and tube wiring is still in functional law work in order, not properly grounded. That makes it a little bit more dangerous, because you do have som