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GoTranscript Audio Test Answers July 5, 2022

Speaker 1:  This audio is used for the audio test for transcribers who want to work at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: What are the best things about working in a trode? Well, let me think a minute. Well, let me answer your question with another question. Why do you care? I mean, you, you know that ultimately, the reason anyone works anywhere is for money. Let's face it, if everyone had enough food, a clean, safe place to live at a cool car that ran 100% on solar power, nobody would have to work. Then your question, it'd be legit because I could honestly tell you why I as a certified layabout and chose of my own free will to work here. I know that's not the kind of answer you're looking for. Is it? Okay, let me try again. The best thing about working at in a trode. Well, there was a code I learned in my early days there, which was, I take care of your freedom, you take care of your responsibility. This is so true. Another code I learned early on was don't hit send on an em

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers May 17, 2022

Speaker 1:  This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: I'm just going from a three day road trip in which I traveled almost 1500 Miles both ways. Those pretty far but not as far as some of our astronauts who went to the moon in the same amount of time. And that's a whopping 386,400 kilometers from wherever you're sitting right now. Before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made their fateful trip, even learned, scientists weren't 100% sure what was there. In fact, they weren't sure till the moment the eagle landed, whether it would land on solid ground or sink into lunar lunar dust. It was kind of scary when you think about it. Before that, scientists made a lot of assumptions about our friend the moon, they could see it pretty clearly through telescopes . So course they knew it was more or less a perfect circle. That is to say the measured diameters and all directions were equal. Therefore, they inferred that the real form of the Moon was t

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers May 30, 2022

Speaker 1:  This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. Whether you like it or not, is another matter. Speaker 2: Hi everyone, sorry about all that noise in the background. There's a bunch of construction going on at our neighbor's house, or I guess I should say, our x neighbor, or maybe our future neighbor. See what happened is our former neighbors, a sweet elderly couple in their 80s moved to Del Boca Vista, hard to believe but their tiny little house, which they originally paid about five grand for sold for nearly one and a half million dollars. Apparently, though, the foundation slab was cracked sometime back in the 90s. So they have to basically do a tear down build up. It's annoying, but you know, I can take it if you can. Anyway, I thought that would be a good topic for our new test. home construction. There's some stuff in the guidelines, which you're definitely supposed to be referring to, by the way, about measurements and how they're