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GoTranscript Audio Test Answers October 28, 2021

  Speaker 1:  This audio is used for the transcriber test for GoTranscript. Speaker 2: That their big old grand piano forte is distinguished conspicuously from that uprighted Grosh. As far as concerns the principles of its construction by the different function which its exterior casing exercises, the exterior walls of the upright have no part the bearing or resisted work that the iron and wood framing performs. On the contrary, the synonymous portions of the grand piano forte have a way more important duty to fulfill than my bespoke 1500 Key glockenspiel in the basement. While they are equally charged with the support of the key frame, they are also an essential part of the wood framing, yes, and they're one in homogenous with it. In fact, they occupy much the same position as what is known as the back of the upright, as well as being the external and decorative coverings of the- the case of the ground is constructed of a series of continuous veneers glued one upon the other, and

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers October 27, 2021

Speaker 1:  This form of phonic audio is part of the transcriber test for GoTranscript. Speaker 2: The village council was asked to give counsel to several people about their involvement in a new business, which was applying for license was to be a craft store selling multiple groups and you're one of the owners had been experimenting with twisting multiple strands of yarn together. One of the council members objected that this made the resulting fabric much too thick. This particular counselor had worked with two strands of yarn together and found the resulting by filer in element quite thick enough for most, especially those with arthritic joints. At this point, said for more conflict, the council decided to dispense with its Council of the counselors and asked the state officials to send for the Consul General to make the final decisions. One of them said aloud that this shouldn't be allowed, as it would have a poor effect on morale. Another stated that the effect of the fir

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers October 21, 2021

Speaker 1:  This is the audio we're using for this particular GoTranscript audio test. Speaker 2: Oh, there's this guy who was walking down the street and by neighborhood were a goodie. He had a boombox on his shoulder and was playing some really good beats. Thought seriously about get in step by Newman now having a little parade that I decided he might take it the wrong way, so I resisted the temptation. However, I got in my Ferrari followed him around discreet distance, let's say about 1500 feet. He just kept walking to the beef up and down the block for at least half an hour. Finally, I realized he was just an exercise Walker, and the hoodie was because it was raining. Not a lot, but just enough to make the windshield damage. I turned on the windshield wipers, but a long strip of rubber peeled off, metal blades started to scratch the glass. Since my insurance is pretty crappy, I decided I better take care of it too sweet. I peeled away from the beat Walker and zoomed up

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers October 10, 2021

Speaker 1:  This audio is used for the transcription test at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: Some cemeteries properly so called existed in 1833. At the area in the metropolitan districts amounting to only 260 acres, an annual number of burials performed amounted to nearly 3400. of this number the burials in East London, the City of London and Tower Hamlets, as well as in the Kensal green cemeteries made up over two thirds. The number of burials per acre in the East London cemetery Mile End was 151 50 in Kensal green, the number was 17 and in Norwood only five in 1850, the Board of Health condemned the cemetery at Brompton but interments are still carried on there with anything but satisfactory results to the houses which surrounded what will it be 20 years hence, if the interments go on this now, several new cemeteries have been opened. It is true, for instance, a magnificent cemetery at Woking Not to be confused with working a small town where there seems to be a plethora of job opportunitie

GoTranscript Audio Test Answers October 03, 20

Speaker 1:  This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript. Speaker 2: I'm just applying from a three day road trip in which I traveled almost 1500 miles both ways. Those pretty far but not as far as some of our astronauts who went to the moon in the same amount of time. And that's a whopping 386,400 kilometers from wherever you're sitting right now. Before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin meet their fable trip, even learning scientists weren't 100% sure what was there. In fact, they weren't sure till the moment the eagle landed, whether it would land on solid ground or sink into lunar lunar dust. It was kind of scary when you think about it. Before that, scientists made a lot of assumptions about our friend the moon, they could see it pretty clearly through telescopes. So course they knew it was more or less a perfect circle. That is to say the measure diameters and all directions were equal. Therefore, they inferred that the real form of the moon was th