GoTranscript Audio Test Answers 22 May 2023

Speaker 1: This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

Speaker 2:

Hi. So, I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon. And I was just gonna go look through my orders. Because honestly, sometimes I feel like I spend too much money on stuff that I wind up later not needing at all. So, one of the things that I ordered was this Bluetooth adapter that's supposed to be make it easier for me to play music in my car, because see, I have this really old car, and the CD player stopped working. So, I was thinking about either getting a new CD player or getting a new car, actually, I was kind of debating a new car. But unfortunately, I just don't have the money for that. Because even a down payment on a car that I could afford would be at least 1500 bucks, and I just don't have that. So, here's what I came up with, I came up with this Bluetooth FM Transmitter, that's like a car adapter that you stick in the cigarette lighter. I've never tried one before. So, I'm kind of interested to see if it works. And then I bought a bunch of new USB flash drives, like a five pack that each of them is four gigabytes. They're like thumb drives. And they're really cute. The ones I ordered because they're multiple colors, either black and blue, and pink and orange and green.

Speaker 2:

So, I thought that might make it easier for me to figure out which is which, because I know they have a lot of capability on him. But I think I'm going to just put different types of music on each one so that when I'm in my car and I'm in the mood to listen to like Weird Al Yankovic, I can just pull out the oh, I don't know the orange one. I think I'll make orange weird house color because- because I don't know. I like weird owl. Anyway, I don't know if you've ever heard him, but he plays the accordion. And he writes parodies of songs. And he's been around since the what the 90s. Or maybe the 80s. I don't know. But anyway, so I'll have weird owl. And then I'll have some sentimental crap like Enya and John Denver and stuff like that on another one. And, you know, you can see what I'm talking about. Right. So then on a, on a completely different note. I ordered this D shedding tool for my cat. See, we have two cats, and one of them has just super long hair, and he's always getting fleas and stuff in the fur and we give him flea treatments. But because he's indoor outdoor, he still gets fleas. So, this is called the Furminator 10730 It's a long hair D shedding tool for cats. And Furminator is the name of it like Terminator only for instead.

Speaker 2:

So, my vet recommended it so I'm gonna give it a try and see if it helps our cat to feel a little better this summer. And then this is something completely different. See, I've been making popcorn At Home. But the problem is with popcorn it really doesn't taste that good to me unless it's got melt hot melted butter on it. But hot melted butter just adds tons of calories and fat to your popcorn and the whole idea is for it to be like a diet food, right? So I was reading online that there's a way to take a smaller amount of butter and mix it somehow with water I don't know I'm gonna have to look at the videos but you put them in us put it in a spray bottle and then you can just you know spray a little bit on your popcorn and then sprinkled some other flavorings like ranch dressing powder or something like that. And I already use the ranch dressing powder and sometimes if I want it to be sweet, I'll instead I'll use cinnamon sugar or something like that. But you know if- if the popcorn is dry it just all seems to fall to the bottom of the bowl. So, I'm interested to see how that'll work.

Speaker 1:

This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

GoTranscript Audio test answers  2023

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