GoTranscript Audio Test Answers May 19, 2023

Speaker 1: This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

Speaker 2:

Way back in the 70s. A concert featuring a popular rock band comprising 70 members drew in over 1500 people to the town square. Many attendees were excited to see their favorite music musicians perform live and danced along to their hits, including everything from their album 70 maniacs from the 70s however, the large crowd caused some safety concerns, and local police had to intervene to ensure everyone's well being. Despite the chaos the concert goers had a fantastic time, and some still reminisce about the event today. During an interview with a musician who rose to fame in the 70s, he shared a funny story from his early days on tour. He recalled how during one show, he forgot the lyrics to a song and ended up ad libbing saying, I'm going to sing something new now.

Speaker 2:

The audience loved the unexpected twist, and the impromptu line ended up becoming a famous catchphrase associated with the artist. Ironically, the fame of the catchphrase outlasted that of the musician who hasn't been heard from since the early 80s. A focus group was conducted to gather feedback on a new commercial for a popular SKU store called shoe betcha. Named after a throwaway line from Fox TVs married with children, starring the inimitable Ed O'Neill. The ad featured a young athlete running through various obstacles while saying quote, shoe betcha I'm going to crush this course. Unquote. The participants generally found the commercial motivating and inspiring. But some suggested that the line sounded too scripted, and could be improved by making it sound more natural.

Speaker 2:

Alternate lines such as quote, shoe, batchas, I'm going to run around this track a few times and get a really good time on quote, or also rejected as being well, pretty boring. Here's a transcriber tidbit for you. Twice in this audio, I've pronounced the words quote going to unquote as, quote, Gunner, unquote, and go transcripts clean verbatim style, quote, going to unquote, is the correct transcription. However, in the two quotes above, I'd prefer you use quote, gunna, unquote, because that's what the speaker actually says. However, unless client instructions say otherwise. Normally, it's better to say quote going to unquote, and you can quote me on that.

Speaker 1:

This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

GoTranscript Audio test answers  2023

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